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17 July 2009



never tried sliver beet. Is it like raw spinach?


I happened to love chickpeas, great flavours. Never heard of silver beet though.


Chickpeas are on my top 10 list of my all-time favorite foods. This looks absolutely delicious! I love the flavor of smoked paprika.


I am blown away by the beauty and elegance of this dish. I've book marked to try :)


Heh, I probably need watering down more than I need an aphrodisiac ;) but I would gladly accept a bowlful of this any day! :)


Looks delicious chickpeas and smoked paprika are one of my favourite combinations.


ooh, never heard of silver beet! and who knew that chickpeas were an aphrodesiac? :) this does look fantastic, i'll have to put this one in my aresenal!!


I love the touch of paprika.. never tried silver beet before!!


MMMMMM,...what a lovely & healthy looking dish! I so love all of the flavours beautifully combined: just perfect!

Michael Natkin

Oh yeah, me and the old lady like to down a couple pounds of chickpeas and then head for the bedroom! If that doesn't work, I usually get a bushel of rutabagas.


I am new to silvey beet. Luv the combination of this dish esp with chickpeas as the star. Simply healthy and delicious!

Jackie at PhamFatale.com

How does it taste like? I've never seen this before. I bet this is rich in iron!


Always looking for recipes with pulses+greens. Might leave the fried bread out. My personal trainer (as of tomorrow) might not approve. Great to meet you on the weekend...look forward to a catch-up.
And what a HOT new pic of you here since my last visit!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

That looks lovely and healthy and I like the addition of fried bread (just to give it that naughtiness) :P


yum yum.. this looks delicious.

Another natural Ayurvedic aphrodisiac I've heard of.. a little saffron in some warm milk! Sounds yummy if anything else :)

Ladybird x

ps - Great blog!

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Angelica Sido

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Angelica Sido

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Flower Essences

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How does it taste? paprika?

Cheryl Cholley

Beautiful dish, I can taste it now. I simply have to try this recipe.

cleansing J.D

"The chickpea was a medieval form of Viagra" hah that's a new one to me. Good to know.

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