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28 July 2009


Peter G

LOL! I turn violent too when I have to wait for food! These are perfect for those stay in winter mornings!


Syrie, these are awesomly georgous!!

They look apart & delicious!!


Amanda B

haha I hear you about the waiting in line. I would be one pissy customer too, especially after 12 hours of not eating. I'm grumpy without my breakfast...

Simon Food Favourites

oh wow, this looks so good.


Ooh, yum. Fresh from the oven please, with a generous sprinkling of fresh-cracked pepper on top :)


These are GREAT!!! I agree - some sea salt and fresh black pepper on top would be perfection! Washington, D.C. is a big brunch/breakfast city too:)


When I first saw the picture - I wasn't sure..... But, after reading it more closely - these are a must try (we love breakfast in our house - anytime of the day)! I do have one question though - would frozen puff pastry work (is it the same as shortcrust pastry?)?

Thanks for sharing!

Julia @ Mélanger

I get so cranky when I'm hungry. For that reason I avoid going out to breakfast on occasion. These look lovely. I do love the egg!

liz {zested}

When I was in Sydney recently, there were so many people perpetually at brunch at chic cafes it made me wonder what it was they did all day. Love the bite size pastry - what exactly is shortcrust pastry?

Christie @ Fig & Cherry

Delish! I love these with a little roasted cherry tomato nestled between the bacon and egg layers.

They are absolutely perfect when you've got brunch guests because you can prepare them in advance! :)

Gorgeous picture as always Syrie.


this looks so elegant! and i can easily make a vegetarian version of this!


I love this!!


What a great idea! Wonderful presentation!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

These look delicious :) Yup me too! In fact we rarely make it to breakfast as I usually eat a little something before then and lunch is a better option. Places that do all day breakfasts are wonderful. Although the best place for all day breakfast is at home :P

Tim Elwin

Yum!! am definitely trying this over the weekend!!


Amazing photography!
Perfect for Sunday brunches!


WOW these are amazing! hahahaha; i am always on the verge of fainting whenver i go out for weekend brunch!


Gorgeous. What agreat breakfast for the weekend.


Oh I am just like you. I am heading out to breakfast at Bourke St Bakery just now (luckily it is very local), and I had to eat a pear to tide me over lest I turn violent!
These little tarts are so cute, would be perfect for a buffet brunch.


I am totally in love with these!! Want to make them for a weekend breakfast treat now :)

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wow..I love that especially bacon.. Hmmn..so yummy...


Well Peter, let's never go to breakfast together unless we've both had snacks first!

Thank you lovely Sophie!

Amanda, it's just easier to start off at home and then I know I won't ended up hitting someone over the head for an egg.

Thanks Simon!

Thanks Mark! Yes pepper is a must!

Hey LA, thanks for visiting! Hope I can visit Washington one day.

Hi Jeff, puff would work well too. Hope you like it!

Thanks so much Julia!

Hey Liz, funny... Sydney is obsessed with food and coffee... so lots of eating and thinking about eating. Shortcrust is the type of pastry used as the base for pies which are usually topped with puff pastry.

Thanks so much Christie. Love the addition of the little toms.

Thanks Vegie Belly -- yes just leave out the bacon and maybe add a few more vegies.

Thanks Ash!

Thank you for visiting Pigpig

I agree Lorraine! Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Tim. Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks Danielle!

Me too Dessert. Hope is a much safer option.

Thanks Alex!

Hi Lilli -- I'm still to try Bourke Street Bakery. I really want to go but the lines!! I'll have to have breakfast first and take some snacks for while I'm waiting in the line.

Thanks for visiting Jeanne.

Thanks Cheap!


What a lovely and so refined way to break the fast!

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