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19 April 2008



Green curry is my favorite! My mom is a Thai food purist, but she never made her own curry paste; she would just doctor the Mae Ploy brand. No shame in that. I like making my own, but I will usually do it in the food processor. I've tried pounding for like 15 or 20 minutes and it no way resembles the pastes you can get commercially.

Now you've got me craving a bowl!


Your photos are very inspired.

Question: Are you supposed to chew and eat the peppercorns or eat around them? I've eaten (some) of them when they've been in a dish.


Where did you find the green peppercorn? I live in Richmond and I haven't seen them in the Asian stores.


Hi DP, yes it's one of my faves as well. Especially on week nights as it's so easy to make. Is your curry paste recipe on your blog? I must check it out. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks life in recipes. You can do either. I guess it just depends on whether you like the flavour or not. I can only ever eat two or three.

Hello BT. I buy mine at South China Trading Seas at Granville Island. They have an excellent selection of hard to find ingredients.

Jessie Cacciola

ooo, this looks so yummy! And I'm starting to smell the previous recipe. Yum, Yum...I need to go cook something now.
- Jessie -


That looks so pretty! The little eggplants are really cute.

Marc @ NoRecipes

I love green curry, I'll be keeping an eye out for your green curry paste recipe!


I am having an Asian week (I go through cycles) and this is perfect for tomorrow. Love the second shot!


Thanks for stopping by Jessie.

Thanks Stacy. they are pretty cute little things with a real bite!

I'll keep you posted on the paste Marc...I hope it works out!

Me too Tartlette. It's nice to have a change. I was going through a bit of a Japanese phase last week. Thanks for visiting!


I just found your blog via TasteSpotting, and what a great find! Your food looks delicious (also almost everything you have posted are my favorite foods), and your photos are beautiful!


Candyce, thanks so much for your lovely comments.


The presentation of this dish is beautiful :)! Love the garnish.

Eat Smart Age Smart

Thanks for sharing the recipe. It's so easy to prepare. At times I search for some recipe that are easy to cook and less time consuming. I"ll try out this recipe from now on.

Eat Smart Age Smart

Looks a delicious and yummy recipe. I LOVE chicken and I love to experiment them in various ways. I rarely skip a chicken recipe … I’m always collecting them. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

wendy horne

where can i buy greenpepper corns on stem no one sells them in my area.

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