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15 August 2007



Now wouldn't it have been horrible if something had happened to any of you and that mom and two cubs had to be killed because of your carelessness? Please. Use a little forethought before doing that again. It's for the bears you love so much! C'mon people!

Patricia Scarpin

I can see why the bears love these, they look delicious!


"C" is lame. That is all.


To bears, I wonder if people taste like wild berry pancakes.


"C" needs to get a life.


They look likr yummy pancakes! If I were a bear I'd want them too!!


Those are not Blueberries but Huckleberries. I love Huckleberries!


OK... a question from a clueless Australian... isn't it terribly dangerous to be in such close proximity to the bears??


Hi, it's Nic here - Syrie's partner.

As it happens, we're Aussies too and Syrie is also moderately terrified of bears. But these kinds of fears are always overblown. Canadians harbour similar fears about Australian snakes, spiders and sharks.

We were camped in a Resort which is on the edge of a Provincial Park. Bears are very active in that area.

As a rule, bears don't have any desire to meet humans. There are two main categories of bear attacks. First, when a person gets between a sow and her cubs. Secondly, bears sometimes attack when you surprise them. For this reason, when you're hiking in the mountains, you should always call out and make a lot of noise - especially when you're coming around blind corners or when you're walking into the wind (as their smell is their best sense). Of course, when in their territory, we always carry bear (pepper) spray and bear bangers (little fireworks that make a loud pop).

Fortunately, the bears at Tyax Lake still have their fear of humans. So when this bear and her cubs realised that she had munched their way down into a human settlement, she promptly turned around. They were spotted a couple of days later about 50kms away in the Alpine.

Thousands of people camp in bear country every year without a problem. For most people (us included) seeing a bear in its territory is the highlight of the trip! Bears should be respected at all times, but not feared.

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